Guest Qualifications

Most people qualify depending on the level of care required upon entry.  You will be evaluated based on our ability to provide quality care.  Our pledge is to provide ongoing services as they become required if we can competently provide the level of care needed.  See Services for an in depth discussion of the services that we provide.

All guests must want to be part of our family. All are free to come and go as they please within the guidelines of the home.

The prospective guest will be interviewed by a qualified staff person.  The interview may take place on our premises, in the hospital, other health care facility, or another location.  A prospective guest should visit the Penn Assisted Care Facility before entry.

Evaluation Criteria

Each Prospective guest will be evaluated on their level of independence, mobility, mental acuity, physical health, dietary needs, and social compatibility.

  • Mobility - Wheelchair bound persons must demonstrate their ability to transfer from chair to bed with minimal assistance.  All prospective guests must demonstrate the ability to evacuate the building with minimal assistance in case of an emergency. 
  • Mental Acuity - All guests must be aware of their surroundings.  Forgetfulness of time, day, and possessions is acceptable.  We will assist a person to find their room as necessary.  We do not care for persons with advanced Alzheimer's disease.
  • Level of Independence - We provide a broad range of supportive services.  We will assist the guest with almost any task of daily living that they cannot do independently.  See Services  for an in depth discussion of services we provide. 
  • Physical Health - We can provide our guests with a broad range of assistance in managing their physical health care needs.  Upon initial application a State required MA51 physical evaluation form is completed by a physician.  A determination will be made at that time as to the persons physical health needs and if we can provide adequate care.  If required, outside providers such as the house physician, visiting nurse, podiatrist, physical therapist, or other health care professionals may provide care in the home.  See Services for additional information. 
  • Dietary Needs - We can accommodate most prescribed diets including soft, diabetic, and low salt diets.  See Food & Dietary Services for additional information. 
  • Social Compatibility - All guests are required to be respectful toward other guests' dignity and rights to privacy.  All guests are encouraged to participate in the scheduled activities and to interact socially with the other guests.  For more information visit the Activities page. 

Continued Residency

Our pledge is to provide ongoing services as they become required provided we can provide the level of care needed.  Your continued residency is dependant on our ability to provide quality care.  A state MA51 physical evaluation form must be completed yearly by a physician and may be required sooner if deemed necessary.  You have the right to refuse to take any medication.  It is the policy of Penn Assisted Care that any medication prescribed by a physician must be taken as directed by the guest until such time that the medication is discontinued by a physician.  Failure to take prescribed medication may be cause for termination of services.